Triple Offset Butterfly Valves
Triple Offset Butterfly Valves
Kent Triple Offset Butterfly Valve design offers rugged reliability and extremely easy maintenance in the field. These valves are bi-directional with advanced design features such as triple eccentricity and unique elliptical seat geometry, ensuring compressive sealing around the entire seat and a “tight” bubble-free valve. These valves are well suited for operation in light vacuum to high pressure applications. The standard, non-rubbing, metal-to-metal sealing system is inherently fire-safe by design. Triple offset butterfly valve can be used not only on-off but also to regulate the flow. A triple offset butterfly valve (TOV or TOBV) is often used in critical applications and is designed similar to a double offset butterfly valve. The third offset is the disc-seat contact axis. The seat surface takes a conical shape, which, coupled with the same shape at the ridge of the disc, results in minimal contact before full closure of the valve. A triple offset butterfly valve is more efficient and allows for less wear. Triple offset valves are often made with metal seats to create a bubble-tight shut-off. The metal seats allow butterfly valves to be used in higher temperature ranges.
Specifications Details
Design Standard API 609 Category-B, MSS SP-67, EN 593 (BS 5155)
Pressure/Temperature Chart ASME B16.34
 Face to face Dimension API 609 Table-3B & 3C, MSS SP-67, ASME B16.10
Testing Standard API 598 /MSS SP 61 / BS EN 12266-1
Wafer Type API 609
Semi Lug Type API 609
Lug Type API 609
Flange Details ASME B16.5 UP TO 24″


Butt-Weld End Details ASME B16.25
Size Range 2″ – 24″ (DN50 – DN600)
ASME Class Class 150 to 1500
Materials Cast Iron, SG Iron, WCB / LCB / LCC / CF8M / CF8 /CF3M / 4A / 6A / Inconel
Trims F6a / F316 / F304 / F316L / F51 /F55 / Inconel / 17.4 PH
Laminar Seal SS 410 + Graphite, UNS S31803 + Graphite,

UNS S20910 + Graphite, UNS N06625 + Graphite,

UNS S32750 + Graphite

Ends Wafer Type, Semi Lug Type, Lug  Type, Flange Ends
Operation Manual, Pneumatic, Electric





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